Temppeliaukio Church – the Most Interesting Church in Helsinki

Welcome to visit Temppeliaukio Church! We warmly welcome you for an actual visit during our opening hours and virtually when ever it´s convenient for you. To see more photos of the church, follow us on Instagram.

Temppeliaukio Church, or ”the Rock Church", is the home of the Lutheran parish Töölön seurakunta, Töölö Parish. We have about 16 500 members in the area.

Our opening hours offer you a possibility to visit the church and enjoy the busy daytime hours with visitors walking around, our many musical events, peaceful time to pray and meditate in the evenings or our main event of the week, the Sunday Service.

Planning a visit?

You are in the right place! Here you will find some tips on how to make your visit a happy and a smooth one.

Before you visit it is good to check our opening hours. As we are an active church, we are unable to keep our timetables the same every week. We are often closed during the daytime. Especially during the weekends because of weddings, christenings or other church functions. Please be patient when we are closed. These functions are an important part of what we do and we want to respect the privacy of the ceremonies.

The church is usually very crowded in the summer. The busiest hours are from Monday to Saturday 10:00 – 14:00 and on Sundays 12:00 – 15:00. The winter season is much more peaceful. If you have the possibility of choosing when to visit, we recommend afternoons and evenings. During the last opening hours it´s usually rather quiet and it´s possible to pray and meditate in peace.

The normal entrance fee is 3€. The tickets can be bought inside the church with most credit cards and cash. The tickets can also be bought from our cafe during June, July and August. Some of the souvenir shops in the area also sell our tickets. With an advance ticket from our cafe or somewhere else you don’t have to queue in the ordinary ticket line and thus will have a quicker access to the church.

If you have a Finnish phone operator you can also buy tickets by sms. Unfortunately this is an option limited to to Finnish operators. SMS-TICKET

Sunday Service

The most important weekly event is the Sunday Service. It takes place every Sunday at 10 a.m. (10.00) and on most holidays. Everyone is welcome to join the service. Notice that the mass will be celebrated in Finnish and it lasts for about 1,5 hours. We hope that everyone who joins, will stay until the end, as people coming and going disturb others. We offer bilingual Finnish-English programs to help you follow the service. Please ask for one when you arrive.

During the service it is forbidden to take photographs, walk around or disturb the worshippers in any other way. Taking part is warmly welcomed! The service is always free of charge for anyone who wants to take part. No sightseeing during the service.

Guided tours

During the summer season (June-August) we offer a guided tour on weekdays at 16:00 with no extra charge. If you wish to learn more about the church and it´s architecture, you are welcome to join the tour.

It is possible to book a private tour for you and your group. The price for the tour is 60-360€, depending on the language and the time. Please inquire well in advance especially if you wish to book a tour outside of our opening hours or in language that is not Finnish or English. The average tour lasts for about 15-25 minutes.

Equal access

Everyone is welcome for a visit in Temppeliaukio Church regardless of ones religious beliefs, political backround, country of origin, age, language, disablement, sexual orientation or any other personal quality. We are a lutheran church, and we just expect you to honor all others and let anyone praying or meditating have their peace doing so. Please visit quietly.

Temppeliaukio Church is built on the ground level. There are no stairs, so people in different physical conditions can come and experience the atmosphere in our church. For security reasons we restrict large suitcases and back bags, but visitors with wheelchairs, strollers and walkers are very welcome.

Our guides speak a large variety of language, including Finnish, English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Finnish sign language, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and some others. Finnish and English speaking guides are here everyday, all other languages depend on our shifts. When your language is not spoken here, we try our best to understand you and make your visit a good one.

Temppeliaukio Church is a living church and we do regular services, weddings and babtism here. Weddings are possible to organize here for couples of different genders as well as couples of the same gender.


Our cafe is open during June, July and August from Monday to Saturday 9.30-17. We offer a wide selection of delicacies. Such as coffee, tea, ice creams and sorbets, refreshing non-alcoholic drinks and pastries. We are able to cater for most special diets including vegan, gluten free and other. You can also buy the advance ticket to the church with the reduced price of 2,50€ (normal price 3€) from the cafe.

Temppeliaukion kirkon kesäkahvilan mainos

Buy your ticket with SMS!

To buy a sms-ticket send a message TEMPPELI to number 169000. You will receive a sms that will be valid for 24 hours and works as an entrance ticket to the Temppeliaukio Church. The price of the sms-ticket is 3€ and it only works with Finnish sim cards.

Purchase a visitor´s ticket in advance

You can purchase a visitor´s ticket in advance on A single ticket is 3€/person. After the purchase you´ll receive a QR-code to your phone. By presenting this you are entitled to visit the church.

Temppeliaukio Church
Lutherinkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 2340 6320